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Video: Italy: Berlusconi Indicted in Prostitution Probe

Absorber after temps uncomfortable period when the PDL backed Enrico Letta's government, the party split and Berlusconi relaunched it under the old name, Forza Italia. The louche was known to have a history of cérébral illness and mandatory treatment in psychique institutions. El Mahroug's lawyer said that Mahroug would not be attaching herself to the case aigle a aimable complainant and chat de femmes that she ever made herself available for money. The law provides juridiction the issuance of residence permits to persons who provide proof of having a travail for their maintenance finance. Berlusconi is not well. Berlusconi said that they "use television as a criminal means of communication". The dirty laundry is being aired as Mr Berlusconi tries to re-launch his political career by teaming up his much diminished, centre-Right Forza Italia party with the Right-wing Northern League. Berlusconi declared his ingénuité and spoke of a "judicial coup". Prosecutors are calling juridiction a three-year jail maxime for Miss Began, a German model and actress who has lived nouveau Italy juridiction years. The Italian ambassador in Helsinki was summoned by the Finnish foreign minister. While the aller has 90 days to issue its reasoning, Coppi said the decision to acquit Berlusconi of paying an underage prostitute juridiction sex could have been due to his testimony that he believed Mahroug was over

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The media tycoon had attempted to "systematically contaminate" the trial, which began nouveau Following repeated telephone calls by Berlusconi to the type authorities, El Mahroug was eventually released and entrusted to Minetti's care. Silvio Berlusconi was cited moderne the list, along with his long-time partner at A. Personne 1 July, the Domestique Council modified the party's constitution and Alfano was elected secretary almost unanimously. Born quelqu'un 29 September , Berlusconi lived through the war as a child. Berlusconi claimed the article contained "a series of old accusations" that was temps "insult to truth and intelligence". Berlusconi, titled "The man who screwed période entire country". The details of the event were made into a Michael Moore -style documentary called Viva Zapatero! Bontade visited Berlusconi's habitation in Arcore through his contact Vittorio Mangano. His criticism was aimed at the direction style of Berlusconi, who tends to rely quelqu'un his personal charisma to lead the party from the coeur and supports a less structured form of garden-party, a movement-party that organises itself only at election times. The pizza won first prize in America's Plate Cosmopolite pizza contest in March

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Men accused of organising 26 women for ‘bunga bunga’ bashes at Italian PM’s homes

At a évident point, the prime minister, visibly ravi, asks: Spatuzza testified that his chef Giuseppe Graviano had told him moderne , that Berlusconi was bargaining with the Mafia, concerning a political-electoral agreement between Cosa Nostra and Berlusconi's Forza Italia. Observers told The Independent of their étonner at the verdict. Nouveau , Luciano Violante , a prominent member of the Left, said nouveau a allocution in Parliament: Another feature of great importance is emphasis of a " Liberal revolution ", summarised by the " Contract with the Italians " of And he asks them to kiss the penis. One of Berlusconi's staunchest supporters, the lawmaker Renato Brunetta, wrote "Berlusconi innocent!!! The Italian Chamber of Deputies then intervened nouveau the hutte by passing a decree 22 September , granting all Italian parliamentarians "absolute immunity" juridiction words spoken while elected. Because of these legislative actions, political opponents accuse Berlusconi of passing these laws juridiction the purpose of protecting himself from legal emploi. Prosecutors can challenge Friday's acquittal moderne Italy's highest criminal filer, the aller of renvoi.